Betap Carpets

Betap carpets are exquisitely designed and highly durable. By keeping the production in-house, we guarantee sustainable processes, constant quality, and speed of delivery. The result: high quality nonwoven and tufted carpets.


In our production facility, some 27 state-of-the-art tufting machines work on wool, nylon, polyamide, polyester or polypropylene threads to create tufted carpets in every conceivable width and length. Our floor coverings are made in a diverse range of colours, laminations and backings.

Moreover, Betap carpets are bonded in powder form, which allows the flooring to be 100% made of one raw material. As a result, our tufted carpets are not only lightweight but also fully recyclable – an important feat, as we place great value on sustainability.


The most popular style of carpets today, tufted cut pile carpets have a lovely soft touch. Betap carpets consist of various cut pile lengths and twists, including Frieze, velour and Saxony carpet. This allows you to tailor your products to the personal preferences of your customers. For instance, we produce All Betap carpets are tightly constructed, and therefore highly durable.

Our tufted loop pile carpets are equally long-lasting. Whether you opt for fine or coarse fibre, compact or open, high or low, these robust floor coverings are unlikely to snag. As they are also easy to clean, they are perfect residential and commercial high-traffic use. View our tufted cut pile and loop pile carpets.


Betap nonwoven carpets are made of needled, short fibres of polypropylene and polyester. Through the use of various techniques, we create specific properties that allow these carpets to be used in endless applications.


We developed a soft backing for tufted carpets, using our nonwoven (needle-punched) technique. This backing makes upholstering easier and, unlike harder adhesive backings, it does not damage the surface. It also makes tufted carpets lighter in weight - an invention that has quickly found a market.

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Part of the yarns that we use in our tufting division comes from our own production facilities. By using modern extrusion machinery, we retain a huge part of the process and planning. This means we can guarantee fast and cost-efficient production of Betap carpets. And we always deliver the exact yarns you require.


We offer an almost endless variety of colours and colour combinations. Opting for solution-dyed carpet, your product will hold its colour for a very long time, even when exposed to intense sunlight.

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