Commercial Interiors

Working with some of the most reputable architects, designers and commercial carpet partners, Betap’s high-traffic commercial carpet is used across the world in prestigious office buildings, hotels, universities, museums and various leisure applications. If you are looking for wholesale commercial carpet, then Betap is your partner of choice.

Fire safety, high durability, low- maintenance… you know what your customers demand with respect to high-traffic commercial carpet. Once you have explained your requirements to us, we will start looking for the ideal solution. This means that in close consultation with you, we will select the most suitable material, the best quality, the right character, and the appropriate user classification to create your carpet. And the beauty of it all? Betap high-traffic commercial carpet carefully strikes a balance between quality and environmental consciousness, ensuring that our products are beautiful and sturdy as well as sustainable.

Our designs are inspired by nature, architecture, fashion and the arts. Betap designers do their trend work using a variety of leading sources and events, including Milan’s Design Week, Chicago NeoCon and Art Basel. Our staff are eager to help you design the most perfect floor for your brand, look, purpose, culture and experience. Are you looking to enhance your office or environment with rich materials to add grandeur? Or would you prefer a more familiar atmosphere? Regardless of your preferences, we will make sure that your carpet withstands heavy-duty usage. Whether you opt for broadloom carpet or commercial-grade carpet tiles, the acoustic performance of our products will improve comfort levels. Subsequently, this will lead to an optimal living or working climate.

In addition to these features, we developed NextGen: a modular, commercial-grade carpet tile that is fully recyclable and will thus help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!