Cutting Edge Technology

Select Yarns, tufting, non-woven and backing: Betaps machine park is characterised by cutting-edge equipment and highly sustainable processes. The result: high quality floor coverings that meet your every need.


Solution-dyed 3-ply and 4-ply, a large part of our yarn is produced in our on-site Select Yarns factory. Therefore, no time and money is lost in transport, allowing us to maintain shorter and more affordable production times. Our machine park is truly state-of-the-art: Select Yarns runs mostly independent of humans, its automated processes working six days a week, 24 hours a day. The beauty of these smart processes? The production is highly accurate: where manual adjustments allow for a 5-9% deviation, Select Yarns’ deviation is less than 1%.

Moreover, you decide yarn thickness, colours and other specifications – we produce. We do so in a sustainable way. For instance, colour changes are kept small. This allows us to reduce waste, energy use and costs while responding to market requirements with unrivalled speed. By keeping production in-house and using fully recyclable resources, we have been able to set up a truly circular economy.

In short, Select Yarns are:

- Affordable
- High-quality
- Sustainable


Newly installed in 2011, our non-woven production facility produces anything from 80 to 3.000 grams per square meter – thus offering truly unequalled flexibility. Moreover, we use a mix-masters’ approach to guarantee a fully homogeneous colour – which is especially important for our commercial carpets.

Our non-woven segment consists of two main production lines: on the one hand, we design and produce all kinds of structures for non-woven carpets. On the other, we produce velour for the automotive industry. Commercial-grade, 1.000-gram quality, Our structure machines manufacture commercial-grade, 1.000-gram quality carpet, almost without producing waste. The waste we do generate is recycled.


We are proud to mention our cutting-edge creel system: controlled from one central place, the spools are mechanically transported to the machine. This approach allows a significant reduction in staff-hours and down-time, minimising costs and time. Also, our tufting machines are broad enough to produce anything from finely tufted automotive carpets to shaggy living room rugs, and anything in between. Shearing machines do the finishing touch. Part of our machine park is equipped for the production of design-quality commercial carpets. These machines produce fully tailor-made products, adding relief and any pattern you would like. To top that off, our velour machines are equipped with steam to deliver higher volume products.


Heavily investing in gas-reducing and energy-saving innovations, our backing production process is amongst the world’s most advanced. Furthermore, automation reduces failure probability and guarantees the weight per square meter. Operators are present only to control the processes. Machines do the rest.

Adding to these sustainability measures is our renewed latex-free coating: our NextGen collection is made polypropylene yarn, cover, binder and adhesive layer, enabling full recycling: the materials are melted into granules and re-used as yarn fibre for our non-woven products. Read more about our NextGen Collection.


All Betap production facilities are built closely together, allowing for highly efficient routing. For instance, our backing equipment is located near our tufting and non-woven machines. The end products are easily transported on a conveyor belt to the warehouse.

120.000 m2

Betap has a production area of 120.000 square meter.

250+ Employees

Are part of an innovative family business.

27 Tufting machines

In our modern production facility, 27 state-of-the-art tufting machines create tufted carpets every day.