Residential Interiors

Renowned wholesalers and retailers rely on us to make a commercial-grade carpet for residential use. We combine high quality design with high standing service.

With over 500 variations of carpet types, textures and designs, coupled with a multitude of colour settings for each, Betap is the number one partner for wholesalers and retailers of residential carpet tiles or broadlooms. Our carpet provides comfort and stability under our feet. It also reduces the sounds of walking and echoes. As a result, our commercial-grade carpet for residential use contributes to a pleasant atmosphere, regardless of the style your client aspires.


We greatly value quality – as much as we value our environment. That’s why we developed a high-quality carpet collection that is fully sustainable. NextGen carpets are made using sustainable powder technology. This allows us to use 100% of a polyester, polypropylene or other raw material. After use, we melt the returned residential carpet tiles and use the resulting recy-granulate to produce new carpets. Read more about our sustainable products and processes.


Inspired by architecture, fashion, nature and the arts, our designers are always up to speed with the latest trends. They apply their skills to the many materials, construction types, colours and qualities and create commercial-grade carpets for residential use, supplied to customers all over the world.

Do you opt for tufted or nonwoven carpets? Which fibre do you prefer? Would you like cut pile or loop pile? High or low carpets? And what about weights, colours, textures and designs? As you can see, the choices are almost endless. Our staff are eager to discuss and assist you.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!