Quality & Certifications

Quality is the very first customer requirement, but it does not stop there. At Betap, we strive to provide excellent customer experiences, ranging from design to raw materials, and from consultancy to after-sale service. We obtained ISO 9001 2015 certification to guarantee your expectations are met.


At Betap, we are keenly aware that we contribute to the growth of your company. If we deliver constant quality, you will reap the benefits of client trust. This is what drives us to maintain high product quality, timely delivery and outstanding service. Betap’s Quality Management System ensures that these standards are met.


ISO certification was introduced to develop international quality standards. It works as a benchmark, allowing procuring companies and individuals to assess the quality that is claimed. It also allows organisations to improve their processes and stimulate innovation.

We are proud to say that we obtained ISO 9001 2015 certification for several production processes. It means that we adequately control our processes, comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, and live up to industry standards.


But it does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. Once obtained, a company has to pass ISO-audits periodically. These moments trigger the review of all quality procedures that are at the basis of the certificate.

Needless to say, at Betap, the ISO 9001 2015 certificate is not a diploma on the wall or a checkmark in a request for proposal. It is the very basis of our Quality Management System, which involves all functions and levels of the organisation. ISO 9001 2015 continuously drives our corporate priority setting, assuring that the entire organisation lives and breathes quality, service and attention to detail.

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