NextGen Carpet by Betap

NextGen stands for Next Generation: the NextGen collection consists of 100% recyclable single polymer carpets that aim to close the recycling loop. Therefore, we believe it’s truly future-proof.


Our NextGen carpets are made of a mono-material, making them easier to recycle than a product made of multiple materials. Recycling leads to a pure granulate that almost equals virgin material. Read more about our sustainability vision.


The NextGen Commercial Carpets are made of just one type of material. No separation of layers was performed, that's why our NextGen Commercial Carpets are fully recyclable. We also achieved up to 80% CO2-reduction. That’s what we call future-proof. Read more about our commercial carpets.


Due to a completely new yarn-bonding technology, our NextGen artificial grass is fully recyclable. This technology creates a 60% CO2-reduction, compared to regular artificial grass. If you intend to enhance your outdoor environment with artificial grass, wouldn't you prefer a product with which Mother Nature agrees? Read more about our landscape carpets.


NextGen exhibition carpet does not use latex to bond. Instead, we fuse the fibres. Moreover, the production of the carpet results in a 60% CO2-reduction. But there is more. We are happy to pick up the NextGen carpet after use and recycle it. In this way, you have no deposit costs. Add to that the material recovery value and you have a perfect business case to present to your procurement department! Read more about our exhibition carpet.


Our NextGen automotive carpet passes all the tough industry requirements. Even so, its production results in a minimum of 60% CO2-reduction. Read more about our automotive carpets.