Chrómata Collection

Posted by Betap on December 17, 2019

Chrómata is the greek word for colours and the name for our collection of the qualities „Base, Style and Feel".

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Base is what the word means – the base. Style comes in a natural design and gives character to the Chrómata collection. Feel gives the warm comfort to our colourful collection. Chrómata comes in a wide range of beautiful colours. Colours are emotions, colours make our life colourful, colours help to orientate, colours help with communication processes, colours transport additional messages to the recipient. Colours create perception and awareness. Chrómata is just beautiful! What would the world be without Chrómata?

Features and benefits:

+ 100% polyamide fiber

+ Dimensional stability

+ Sound absorption

+ Recreational ability

+ Luxurious feel

+ Wide colour spectrum

Through the wide variety of different colours and textures you can create zones in your rooms, vary between different functional areas, create spacial orientation and provide creative diversity.

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