Betap Introduces Innovative PARQ, ‘Designed for the UK’ Artificial Grass Collection

Posted by Betap on October 28, 2020

Multifaceted Dutch manufacturer Betap, has re-branded their artificial grass line. The new division “PARQ by Betap” will be rolled out across Europe in an effort to increase their focus on landscape artificial grass.

Andrew Bramall who is heading the division from the UK said: “Betap is a tremendous outfit with a modern plant and amazing infrastructure. The grass products were 90% there but needed a few tweaks to get them over the line. By creating a dedicated division, it has enabled us to focus on the soft landscape market across Europe and to bring individual collections for each country. The UK for example has different demands such as colour and price than say Germany. We had the products, technology and expertise but was more guidance and focus was needed to make the products connect with their individual markets.”

The new marketing leans on Betap’s 100+ year heritage, values and ingenuity and the strap line, “Grass Reinvented” is the perfect maxim as they have reinvented their approach to grass, contributing to the industry’s reinvention of the product and Betap are always looking to the horizon to stay ahead of new developments and methods.

Products will be supported with an informative new website and point of sale.

“Betap are known for their affordable design but we wanted to show that with this modern plant and know how, we are capable of manufacturing some great products that are well supported too.” explained Mr Bramall.
Ranges have been reduced by 33% to enable better procurement and a fresh collection designed for the UK has been developed by the Dutch R&D team in collaboration with the UK team which will include a next generation eco product. The introduction of 5 metre wide ranges has given ranges an extra boost as 5 metre wide grass has really taken off in the last 12 months.

Mr Bramall went on to say: “We know that Europe has been dominated by Chinese and now Vietnamese products but I believe markets move in cycles and I see a resurgence of European manufactures as customers start to demand shorter lead times and a stability in service levels. I believe PARQ by Betap are well positioned in the market to offer affordable design complemented with quality and service."

For further information please contact Andrew Bramall T: 07903 215 119