Betap® Tufting B.V. is closing the loop

Posted by Betap on December 20, 2018

Carpet Recycling UK is pleased to be working with Betap on its latest Next-Gen carpets. Over the past two years, Betap has developed a single polymer carpet allowing it to be 100% recyclable and closing the loop in the carpet industry. At the Domotex 2019 fair in Hannover, Betap presented the full Next-Gen carpet by Betap® production line.

Betap guarantees that its Next-Gen products are more sustainable, with the carbon footprints of the manufacturing processes calculated using the database tool provided by Ecochain®. This shows that a reduction in CO2 of at least 25% and at maximum of 80%. Most products are even at a price neutral level!

Providing a complete range for industry, the Next-Gen range consists of products for domestic, exhibition, automotive, artificial grass to contract (commercial). Varying in ranges for CO2 reductions through to being fully recyclable product (depending on the actual product), Betap is leading the curve and providing products for the future.