Automotive Industry

Betap designs and manufactures tufted and nonwoven automotive carpets for global Tier Ones. Tailor-made and high quality, we meet your every requirement.

You name the car brand, and chances are that Betap’s automotive carpet is inside. That is no small feat. When it comes to quality and dependability, leading automotive manufacturers are most discerning. Yearlong co-operation with car manufacturers and suppliers helped grow this segment to become one of the largest within Betap. We work in close collaboration with you to meet your client’s needs – whether you are looking for main flooring, wheel arch liners or engine bonnets. As we keep the largest part of our production chain in-house, we control processing times and planning. Consequently, we guarantee timely delivery and constant quality. Hence, assisting you from idea and design to yarn and carpet production, we are your preferred partner for automotive carpet.

You select the colour and the material, giving your (moulded) car carpets a unique look and feel that fits your brand. Our products are highly durable and help control sound and heat. Furthermore, they are designed to meet international safety requirements.

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